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quality goods

With content taken care of you can focus on ENGAGING with your audience! The real reason everyone wants a piece of you. It allows time to be directed back and focusing on your voice, and the most important aspect of Social Media!

Imagine the perfect photos that establish an online
presence that people will drool over

You deserve to showcase your goods and services with quality content. Leave the creative content up to us while you keep making your goods great!

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Imagine having a bank of quality photographs that are all “on brand” with your voice. Immediately accessible to post at an instant when the socials are roaring about an upcoming giveaway or event. No more stock images, iphone with a filter slapped on it, or scrambling to post something before 5 rolls around because you didn’t know what to post.

How does Social Media help your business?

200 Million

Instagram users visit at least one business profile per day

Instagrams potential advertising reach is 

849.3 Million

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$750 / A month

month - to - month
free upgrades

2 hours of shooting

1 week of  content

50 - 70 high resolution edited images

$1,500 / A month

month - to - month
free upgrades

4 hours of shooting

2 weeks of  content

100 - 140 high resolution edited images

$2,225 / A month

month - to - month
free upgrades

6 hours of shooting

3+ weeks of  content

150 - 210 high resolution edited images

$375/ per hour

month - to - month
or one time only

1 hour of shooting

25-30 high resolution edited images

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How it     

Pick the subscription that's right for your business

We discuss the content you want photographed.

We set up:
a shot list
   a mood board

You note:
any upcoming events (giveaways, dish or cocktail of the week)

Then we set a shoot date

I come in!
I shoot the content, edit, and deliver! 

You upload the content to Plann and add a twist of your brands punch and personality!





What you need to know?

Yes, you can cancel your membership anytime with no fees. If you have already paid for that month you will still be able to use your available shoots/appointments and then your subscription will be canceled. Since I have already blocked time off on my schedule and I only take a certain about of subscriptions, all payments will act as a non-refundable retainer to reserve the date(s) of the shoot(s) for that month.

The best part about getting monthly content is you have high-quality photos to use for your social media, website, catalogs, print, blogs, weekly emails, and anything else.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Will the photos just be for social media?

If I don't use all of my shoots in a given month, can any un-used shoots be rolled over to the next month?

No. Since my schedule is fixed according to the number of clients I have and the number of shoots booked for each particular client, this helps me preserve the integrity of my schedule to honor each of my clients' time.

Will you be taking over my Instagram account, scheduling posts, posting for us, and writing captions?

No, you'll get to keep full control over your Instagram, the branding, and the voice behind the account. The photos I provide will set you up
with a "bank" of high-quality visual content ready at a moments notice for your next post!

Tips &

Download the "Plann" app

List out upcoming giveaways, events, specials, anything you might want to promote on your instagram!

Write short captions for each
type of post and schedule the best time to post 

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