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What to expect

• We'll meet via Facetime or in person to chat about your dream wedding day.  Getting to know your photographer and enjoying their personality and how they capture and run a wedding day are key to having a relaxing wedding day. 

• You’ll sign the contract and save your date with a 50% non-refundable retainer - locking in your special day! The last 50% of the fee is due 3 months prior to your wedding date.

• If you need help with location scouting we’ll send recommendations and even head out a few days before to make sure your elopement spot is just what you wanted!

• A few weeks after you book, we will help build you a custom timeline wrapped around your vision for your day.

• You’ll answer a questionnaire closer to your wedding date to make sure we know all the little details, and to pre-plan all family photos. 

• Three months out, and 2 weeks out from your wedding date we will check in with you.

• We'll send a pre-wedding day text to ensure you we'll be there in the morning for your wedding day, full of excitement to capture your day! 


Post -nuptuals

wedding day

• We’ll show up early to walk around the venue or the mountain to get our bearings. We will  introduce ourselves to your family, and come say hi to you!

• Anything we think you want to remember will be photographed! From the little details all the way up to the big pictures. The whole day as it unfolds will be told like a story.

• You’re sentimental pieces from loved ones that have gone before us are very important for us to capture. We’ll spend time on your wedding day letting you know they are there to celebrate with you too.

• You will share a special time with one another during your portraits. Talking about what you're most excited about for your future, and reflecting on your engagement season! 

• You'll get a sneak peeks of your wedding photos a few days after your wedding!

• We'll send you the exact date you can expect to have your wedding photos delivered.

• Your wedding photos will be delivered through an online gallery to share with friends and family.

• You can choose to view your photos first through printed loose leaf photos, through a wedding album, or through your online gallery.

• If you choose to print the photos loose leaf, or print an album you can bring the box of photos to a winery, on a family vacation, or out to dinner and pass them around. The experience is fully created based on your desire.

A few things to consider when choosing your photographer

Photographs are the only physical thing you get to take away with you after your wedding day to help you relive the emotions, the vows, and remember all of the little details. They are worth the investment! 

Meet with your photographer in person to make sure you vibe with their personality. You will be spending most of your wedding day with them and you want it be a fun, relaxing experience! 

•  Do you like how they edit their photos?
•  Do you prefer your photos to be light & airy, chic & moody, true to color, or shot on film?
•  Do you need to be directed or do you prefer authentic and spontaneous moments to be captured?
• How much experience do they have photographing?

questions to think about

about us


Packages & Experience

Wedding packages begins at $3750

Elopement packages begin at $2350

Adventure Sessions begin at $1250

Engagement Session begin at $400

If a package doesn't fit your specific needs please request a specific quote to the package that you are most interested in.

Contact us

This is our



That’s just a glimpse of how excited we get while behind the camera. Yes, with that much enthusiasm! We want you to look your absolute best and we’ll most definitely vocalize it when we’re dying over your images! We could say that we wear our passion on our sleeves. There won’t be any awkward “what do I do with my hands?” or “do my legs look weird right now?” moments. We’ll put you in natural positions that feel comfortable - because if you feel comfortable then it’ll show through the camera!


WE Create Custom 

WE create authentic moments
WE don't pose! 

WE communicate while WE
 photograph, and aren't sticks
in the mud!  



We want you to appreciate how we create art, love our style of photography, and get to know us better to make sure we are the best fit for you on your special day. By meeting with you, it gives us the opportunity to get to know you more authentically, learn more about how you two fell in love, and how you envision your special day! We’ll also give you a chance to ask all of the burning questions you may have! We love to meet over coffee, face-time, or even over a glass of wine! This meeting helps us connect with each other and create a mutual understanding before a camera is ever introduced! By getting to know one another, it will make your photographs more fun, relaxed, and intimate!

The couples we serve will be able to have a fun, relaxed, and beyond amazing experience knowing that all they have to do is be in love! The images we take together will transport you back to the happiest day of your lives and allow you to fall in love over and over again. We are located in Atlanta, but photograph couples in their favorite places, whether that’s across the ocean or in their backyard. We specialize in creating an experience more than just delivering photos. Since we’re a husband and wife team, we understand the importance for our couples to have the absolute best experience planning their wedding, enjoying their wedding day, and sharing their images with their closest friends and family members.

We photograph weddings And focus on your experience not just the photographs

Let us help ease the pressure and take something off your plate. We know you’ve probably never made a custom timeline before and likely have no clue where to start. Our team will take into consideration your preferred times and knit together a timeline that flows perfectly while allowing you to get the best and most photographs out of your day. This will allow us to work with the best light and craft beautiful memories! This schedule will help give direction to your wedding day and allow for smooth transitions since everyone will know what to do and where to be! 

WE honor your loved ones
that have gone before us

We deeply care about the little details on your wedding day. Some of the most meaningful moments are the ones that are most important to you. I understand this in my own way - my mom passed away several years ago and wasn’t able to attend my wedding. I got a tattoo to honor her and her life story. I asked my photographer to capture a few photos of my tattoo throughout the day. Those were some of the absolute best photos because, looking back, I felt that she was with me. My husband had a similar moment by wearing a pin inside his suit jacket over his heart. It had belonged to his late grandfather and was presented to us on our wedding day by my mother-in-law. Moments like these honor the memory of loved ones, tell a beautiful story, and are worthy of being captured. I care deeply about these moments. Whether it’s taking time away for a moment with a close relative or photographing a treasured heirloom that’s been passed down - we create the space to appropriately honor and document these occasions.

If you’re looking to elope, then we’ll research and physically go see the place to make sure the location is top-notch and exactly what you want! We also give recommendations based on your preference - mountains, beaches, cliffs, or extreme adventure. If want an exclusive spot, then we’ll travel a few days early to location scout a spot that is solely the spot you and your beloved will exchange your vows. You can return to your special spot on your anniversary with a bottle of bubbly that holds so much significance just for you two.

We’ve found that giving prompts helps elicit natural reactions from couples rather than instructing you to morph your body into some contrived “pose.” This helps eliminate camera shyness and those awkward “what do I do with my hands?” moments. You’re good at being in love and you’re good at being you - so that’s all you have to do and we’ll let the magic flow! Since a photograph is only as valuable as the moment behind it, we help foster authentic moments and experiences so that you can relive the emotions of your engagement season and your wedding day! We know that capturing the big events as well as the in-between gushy hugs you get from your grandmother are equally as important! We always have our eyes open for the little moments you want to treasure as well.

Our sessions are crafted to be a spontaneous trip to the mountains with friends or a cute double date in the city! No awkward third wheeling here! We’ll be just as in love as we normally are in front of you so that you can feel free to be open, fun, silly, and intimate in front of us! We’ve found this helps eliminate any pressure of being in front of the camera. We also enjoy working together and communicate well on wedding days. When one of us is photographing the big picture the other one is focusing on details. We’re always reading the situation without even having to speak. It’s one of the many beautiful benefits of working with your significant other!

Let's Get Connected!

Hey there! Love seeing that you're interested in having us around on your special day. This is a great place to get connected with us. Fill out all your favorite details and we'll get back with you on information on packages, pricing, and to see if our adventurous personalities and photography style is best suited for your big day! 

Can't wait to celebrate with you! 

We can't wait to hear from you! 

There's so much to plan, and we're ready to help! With suggestions on good vendors in the area, helping your map our the perfect wedding day timeline so you get as many dreamy photos as possible while spending as much time with your friends, family and guests! 

We'd love to get to know more about you and your fiancé, and hear about your elopement/wedding day dreams so we can help them come alive! When we meet in person it will be like getting your wedding photography details set up with a friend! 

If you already know how many photographers you want and how long you want your coverage for then let us know! If you want a custom package, we can create the perfect custom elopement/wedding package just for you let us know!

We can't wait to meet you, and help you plan your dream wedding day!

Packages & Pricing!

Wedding packages begins at $3,400

Elopement packages begin at $2,350

Adventure Sessions begin at $1,250

Engagement Session begin at $400

If a package doesn't fit your specific needs please request a specific quote to the package that you are most interested in! We would love to hear from you, and if we are unavailable for your date and send you references of other talented photographers! 

Thank you for your message! If It is a weekend I will get back to you on a Monday as I am likely shooting an event. During the week you can expect a reply from me between 24-48 hours. Can't wait to connect soon! 

You can always see what I'm up to in my social media profiles! Check them out at the top or bottom of the page, I'd love to connect there too!