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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We encourage packages to be custom because everyone’s day is going to be different. The length, the feel of the event, and where and when your ceremony time is centered around will make your package unique. 

Can I create a custom package if I want longer or shorter photo coverage?

What kind of Photography do you do? 

Do you have insurance on your equipment? 

Yes! We have insurance and traveler’s insurance for our business. 

I do all kinds of photography not just limited to weddings. Please inquire if you'd like something else photographed.

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Frequently Asked

We’d like to in the future, but as of right now we don’t offer that.

Do you offer video as well? 

Who is the photographer? What photography experiences does she have? 

The photographers are a husband and wife couple. Jordyn Kelly has been a professional photographer for 5 years and has been behind a camera for 8 years. She has photographed anything from advertising for Maroon 5, travel companies, Special Olympics, non-profits, elopements, weddings, and travel. The other photographer is Jonathan, he has been photographing for over 6 months, and have been mentored by Jordyn in order to keep visual consistency.

How far do we travel? 

Anywhere and everywhere. The ends of the earth is our limit. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ever walk away from some extrodinary memories with very 'okay' looking photos to show people. That's not how you want to show off your wedding day. We want to minimize that, because we believe this day is worth reliving in the future. Having them both captured in fine digital and print mediums allows you to fully re-live that experience again in the future with content that will last.

Why you should hire a professional photographer?

Do we get to meet the photographers before our wedding?

Absoutely! it's a requirement to meet at least once before we start shooting. If you live on another continent, or in another state we can skype, facetime, or grab a cup of coffee if you live locally. 

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We’d like to in the future, but as of right now we don’t offer that.

What if I’m too awkward in front of the camera?

What happens when your wedding clashes on another wedding you already have booked? 

We will offer a solution for another week to photograph your wedding, but if you have already locked down your date I can reccommend other photographers.

Can you hold a date for us?

Unfortunately we cannot hold a date unless a form of retainer has been paid to lock us in, and a contract has been signed. Once we have those two things, we are all yours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t like to do things “Last Minute”, and want your trip details to be shared with all of your family members so everyone can share in the excitement. The finalized itinerary will be sent to you if you chose the guided package 1 month prior to departing for your trip. 

When do we meet to finalize our Wedding day details?

How many photos will we receive after the Wedding?

All trips are unique therefore the amount of photos will also vary per trip. It can range anywhere between 500-1500 photos. For normal sized trips anywhere between 500-800 high respolution

Can we purchase an album?

All trips are unique therefore the amount of photos will also vary per trip. It can range anywhere between 500-1500 photos. For normal sized trips anywhere between 500-800 high respolution

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Due to the high number of photos we will be editing and returning, and having other weddings prior to yours we ask that you give us anywhere between 6-12 weeks to deliver the full gallery of photos and album. 

How soon after our wedding do we receive our photos?

Do you backup all our photos?

Yes we do, but once the photos have been delivered they are your responsibility to back them up to ensure you don’t lose the original files. This is why we encourage having the original photos in print as well through a fine art album. 

What if we want to make an adjustment to the timeline?

We will verify the timeline with you as quickly as possible after the point of booking so you have a strong structure to start planning your wedding.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

We hold those dates specifically for you and your family to celebrate your wedding day. Those are dates other clients might be interested in and if for some reason you needed to cancel last minute it ensures our time was being compensated for. 

Why are all deposits non-refundable? 

Will you book your own flights and hotel?

An additional travel fee will be added at the time of booking. I will book all necessary transportation to travel to your destination as soon as possible. If the bride and groom are staying at a specific resort hotel accommodations will need to be made for the photographer while purchasing the bride an grooms room. Full private Airbnb's that are close to the ceremony site are welcome. 

Will you dance with us at the reception?

Absolutely! Let's dance out the night! Your Grandma will see me dancing with my camera! 

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