" I can't begin to explain how meaningful these photos are to me. The smiles and laughter she captured of us in the great outdoors reflects exactly who we are--and that's just priceless to me."

Jacklyn & Ryan

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5 Photography Tricks for Creative Portraits

Edvin and Natalie celebrate being together for 10 years this month! They did a Christmas mini Session with me. I first met Natalie and Edvin in Junior Year of High School during their first year of dating. Natalie sat behind me in a literature class and told me she was falling in love with this guy named Edvin. That’s where their love story began.

Fast forward a few years and I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding to which both of them looked stunning.

Now it’s a year later and they reached out to have me photograph their first ever Married Christmas together!

Beautiful Couple Celebrates 10 years together

Alan and Sherilee are having a baby early January. I met Alan while doing photography work a few years ago, and during their third trimester he reached out to me to see if I would photograph their maternity session! We ran around Green Meadow Preserves during sunset and took pictures in the tall grass. It was a blast and they got the sweetest pictures during the season they are waiting on their little one.

Green Meadow Preserves Maternity Session

Andres and Emily had their engagement session at Kennesaw Mountain in Georgia. This is a beautiful mountain with a really pretty view. The park rangers weren’t allowing anyone to the top of the mountain so we found a nearby trail. The light there was beautiful so we started taking pictures.

Emily and Andres opened up very quickly! Their engagement session…

Kennesaw Mountain Engagement Session – Jordyn Kelly

This boho themed wedding was outrageously stunning. From succulent filled raw wood dining room tables for their guests to dine at, dream catchers for their guests to take home, and a ceremony in the woods wrapped around their loved ones Jessica walked down the aisle towards her groom on a spread of Moroccan rugs and said her vows on a cowhide. This God-centered family had the most magnificent reception under a grand white tent in a field overlooking the sunset and a pasture of horse to keep them company.


We like to go off the beaten path find the spots where the locals bask in the sun. The locals are unbothered by huge amounts of solicited sights and views. We spent about a week scouting little neighborhoods with access to the public beach. It was important that it was away from the crowds favorite […]

Oregon Coast Intimate Beach Adventure Session

Ryan was set out to jump on a one-month long road trip while Jaclyn jumped into the car with him, this started their journey of a lifetime, and kicked off the greatest Nicolas Sparks real-life love story. This rad couple has traveled around in their self converted van for over a year together exploring the […]

Great Sand Dunes National Park Colorado Adventure Session – Jaclyn & Ryan

Hi there! My best bet is your a photographer and you’re looking for new tips and tricks to spice up your personal portraits! Don’t be a ghost behind you work, own your craft, and be bold enough to stand next to it. Prove to the world you can make meaningful photographs that share who you […]

How to take Advanced Self Portraits

Mark and Ella have been married for a little over a year, and we got together and took some pictures to document their stage of life as it is right now. It’s worth documenting and remembering the important things in life that they are running after. Ella and Mark moved from the Adirondacks to the […]

Garden of the Gods intimate Session: Mark & Ella

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