don't let your memories 
go forgotten

How does it work? 

While we're designing your album we will need you and your love to pick out your cover color and texture, debossing options, and number of spreads you want in your album down below! 

Finally, once you pick out all the goodies we will send you an online version of your wedding album and until we are both in love with it. Then we'll send it off to the printers and you will get it at your doorstep within 3 weeks of finalizing it! Once we send it out we can't make any changes! 




You will go through and pick out your favorite 60-80 photographs from your wedding and then send them to us. 


Try not to pick duplicates, and pick the ones that tell your wedding day how you remember! Pick the absolutely best highlights that you love during your wedding day! It make take a few rounds of shaving them down but it's worth it! 

Why it's worth the investment

When we deliver images we deliver them through an online gallery. We want you to have an experience the first time you are every setting eyes on your wedding photos. We want them to awe you. We want it to be grandmas favorite book that has every laid on your coffee table, a book that your children get to hold in their lap and point out Mommy and Daddy, a book that get's to live longer than you. You're preserving these memories for lifetimes to come. Don't let them get stuck in the archives of your phone and computer. A device you might not be able to turn on in a few years become something new will come. Printing them will never let them go to waist. 

8 X 8 

10 X 10 

12 X 12 




15 Spreads (30pgs) 
Fully Custom Design
Online Preview
Custom Cover Choice

15 Spreads (30pgs) 
Fully Custom Design
Online Preview
Custom Cover Choice

15 Spreads (30pgs) 
Fully Custom Design
Online Preview
Custom Cover Choice

Custom Cover Design




Each album comes with 15 flatlat lay spreads which is 30 page book. You can add on 1 spread 2(pgs) for $50 each. this will allow you to add more images into your book. You can add more when I send over the design to make sure all your favorites make it in there. Some couples will add on another 5-10, and other will stick with the 15 spreads. The max amount of spreads you can have total in your book is 40 spreads (80pgs). 


Custom Name Debossing

You get to choose what goes on your front cover! Custom name debossing on your wedding album is an additional $25 for the company to add that onto your album to allow it to have a personal touch!

Coffee table box!

These albums are made to withstand the test of time. They are made pass down to generations! However, if it's placed on your coffee table, you might want to consider storing it in a wooden walnut box to preserve it from the unknown elements to come in the future. Spilled cup of coffee, toddlers, and moving! 
This box comes in three shades, dark walnut, light walnut, and natural walnut! Pick which shade you want and let me know you'd like to add it to your order and we're set to go!