We live for life's most adventurous days! 

If we sound like your kind of people we would love to work with you.

We're Jordyn & Jonathan 

We are traveling elopement and wedding photographer that carefully crafts and documents real and raw experiences. With the lens as our tool, we use the natural light to paint my subjects in the mood of the day while lush landscapes in the background finish each portrait as if they were the last stroke of a paintbrush. It would be my honor to capture the unique elements that make your day special and craft them into a visual story that can be shared for generations. 

After nearly a decade behind the camera we have done photography for a variety of clients including: The DewTour Snowboarding Competition, Rustic Trades Furniture, Big Adventures Traveling Company, the Algerian Paralympic Basketball Tournament, Agape Family and Youth Non-profit events, Pantech advertisements, mobile advertising for Maroon 5, and AT&T Howard Homecoming Events.

Through it all we've found that landscape, travel, and wedding photography are our greatest passions to photograph!

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matters most! 

We met in college. I was the girl that chased after the boy, but when we first met neither of us were ready to date He was the guy that I knew would change my life forever. I just wasn't sure how. 3 years later after bumping into each other at coffee shop after coffee shop, exchanging conversation, and trying desperately not to flirt or let on that we liked each other I walked in late to my philosophy class. I sat anxiously in the dead center in the front row, dead center, and looked up. I locked eye contact with Jonathan, and blushed from embarrassment that he was the guest speaker of the class. I gathered my things quickly when class ended, and he ran out after me. We've spent every day together since. 

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Jonathan and I live in a 170' Self Converted Sprinter Van! It's home for us, and home isn't defined to a specific state or place on earth! It's wherever the wind takes us, and wherever we are together! 

If you can't already tell my life blood is my best friend Jonathan. We do everything together. He's my biggest encourager and biggest supporter. We love hiking, experiencing nature, long boarding, and our imaginary dog that we can't have because I'm deathly allergic! We aim to make each other laugh at least once a day!

We're minimalist! We believe the less "junk" you have in your life the more room you will have for the things you love most in life. We will have more room for the clothes we actually love, more time for Jesus, and for the friends and family that are made of pure gold, you'll treasure each pair of shoes, and the little things, and be in awe of the big things! Living minimal helps us live a more meaningful life because we get to focus on what matters most! 

He booked tickets back in February to go to Paris. Somewhere we have always wanted to go. Traveling was always on our mind and at any chance we could get we would travel. Around December we were preparing for the trip, and everyone around us was acting super suspicious. I had a slight suspicion that he was going to propose, but wasn't entirely convinced. A few day in Paris and we had the best time. One early rainy morning Jonathan asked to go to Sacre Cour Basilica (Sacred Heart of Jesus). We walked up what felt like a thousand steps, and went it to have such a powerful experience in the church. Jonathan walked me over to the side Garden that was overlooking Paris, and dropped to one knew to ask if I would be his wife. 

We eloped with 13 of our closest friends and family surrounding us on a snow dusted mountain top in the Colorado Rockies! We honeymooned in Cancun! We then threw a reception back in Atlanta that was motorcycle and Dinosaur themed to celebrate with the rest of our community! 

Our first year of marriage we sold all of our stuff, and converted a sprinter van into our home to travel around the United States!