it's time to celebrate

I'm JORDYN, nice to meet you.

I am a traveling elopement and wedding photographer that carefully crafts and documents real and raw experiences. With the lens as my tool, I use the natural light to paint my subjects in the mood of the day while lush landscapes in the background finish each portrait as if they were the last stroke of a paintbrush. It would be my honor to capture the unique elements that make your day special and craft them into a visual story that can be shared for generations. 

After nearly a decade behind the camera I have done photography for a variety of clients including: The DewTour Snowboarding Competition, Rustic Trades Furniture, Big Adventures Traveling Company, the Algerian Paralympic Basketball Tournament, Agape Family and Youth Non-profit events, Pantech advertisements, mobile advertising for Maroon 5, and AT&T Howard Homecoming Events.

Through it all I've found that landscape, travel, and wedding photography are my greatest passions to photograph!

However your day goes, I want to be there to capture it.

Whether you are hiking up a mountain at 5 am to get to the top by sunrise so you can be married to the love of your life by days first light or in the middle of the ocean eloping on a sailboat starting a journey around the world with each other for the rest of your life. Your story is worth capturing as uniquely yours. 

I want to capture those extravagant loves. the The unique tenderness of your souls together. The laughs, the tears, the sweet gentle hugs when you melt into there chest.

and I am all about the butterflies.

this is your day