Oregon Coast Intimate Beach Adventure Session

We like to go off the beaten path find the spots where the locals bask in the sun. The locals are unbothered by huge amounts of solicited sights and views. We spent about a week scouting little neighborhoods with access to the public beach. It was important that it was away from the crowds favorite sights. It’s best to use quietly loved beaches for a more intimate session and to keep the experience exclusive.

We went out to meet the waters edge and much to our surprise the water was absolutely fringed in the middle of June. Caitlin and Cody braved the waters for a little mini session on the beach. The sun was just peeking behind the mountains. Caitlin and I sat for a while and chatted and enjoyed watching the men climb all over the rocks in the middle of the ocean. They were offering each other a hand up to reach the top of the small island.

After the men got their energy out and Caitlin and I wrapped up our conversation we went and had some dinner and drinks back in our adventure van. Within just another hour we were out hiking the Oregon coast sand dunes to do another session on the cliffs. Caitlin and Cody were so spontaneous and yearning for adventure. They wanted to soak in all the sights while they were in town as much as possible so we made it happen!

This little local beach will be forever one of our favorites! 

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