Great Sand Dunes National Park Colorado Adventure Session – Jaclyn & Ryan

Ryan was set out to jump on a one-month long road trip while Jaclyn jumped into the car with him, this started their journey of a lifetime, and kicked off the greatest Nicolas Sparks real-life love story.

This rad couple has traveled around in their self converted van for over a year together exploring the world and documenting people’s love stories while building their very own. Their back yard is every national park you can think of. They have seen the worlds greatest sunrises, and sunsets over the half dome in Yosemite, and worked together at Grand Teton National Park to help educate tourist on preserving the wilderness and respecting the nature that stood so confidently in their back yard.

Ryan dropped to one knee in Bacalar, Mexico. He proposed at in the late evening at their favorite restaurant alongside a lagoon – sitting under a massive, ancient tree with lit candles. It was the perfect proposal for their travel centered hearts.

Their engagement is full of adventure, so why not run around giant sand dunes and fall into a fit of giggles, while freezing your toes off to be stupidly in love in front of the sunset. These aren’t you average posed pictures. These are two people running into their past year of love, a national park, and being fully in love in front of the camera!

We documented the raw, the unposed love behind their story!

When we first met them at the bottom of the mountain it was snowing, we crossed a freezing cold river, and hiked up into the dunes. We took off our shoes, and enjoyed the mountains with no one in sight! They ran with one another in each other’s arms, they ran into the sunset, they kissed, they laughed, they were cute as hell! We walked down the mountain sharing more stories about our travels made a campfire and camped out for the evening!

It was a day to remember!

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