Garden of the Gods intimate Session: Mark & Ella

Mark and Ella have been married for a little over a year, and we got together and took some pictures to document their stage of life as it is right now. It’s worth documenting and remembering the important things in life that they are running after. Ella and Mark moved from the Adirondacks to the Colorado mountains to dive more into something they are absolutely in love with- climbing. They often spend their weekends climbing in Boulder, or national parks testing and pushing their strength to get to stronger and to climb even harder runs. They love seeing the growth in their passion that they get to share together on weekends. We took pictures at sunset though dusk while they climbed all over Garden of the Gods! It was their playground and they let the sparks fly. They fell in love with the biggest life changes they made, grew in love more than they ever thought they could their first year of marriage, took risks, moved, and are converting a van to travel to see more of the world. This session was perfect because we gave them the space to remember why they got married and the magic flowed. They felt the connection and the wind pushing them together. They got to photograph their love in some of the most extravagant mountains they now get to call their backyard, and that’s something they won’t ever let go of.


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