adventurous wedding & Elopement Photography

that helps you plan and capture your adventurous love story with peace of mind

Imagine having a friend document your day, who will capture your authentic moments making it feel fun, relaxed, and enjoyable!

Celebrate your love by living in the moment, embracing your beloved, and laughing joyfully as you leave behind the drama, stress, worry, and outside opinions of how a wedding day “should be.”


You deserve to exchange vows in the intimacy and awe-inspiring wonder of nature instead of feeling the pressure to perform for an audience. 

This day is yours

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Jordyn and Jonathan were so much fun to work with! As a super outdoorsy couple in Colorado, we were stoked to find photographers who fit our style and were willing to go to such an epic place to work with us. Normally, Ryan is pretty shy in front of a camera--but we all felt like old friends before we even started taking any photos. It helped him relax, and we were able to get pictures that I'll cherish forever! Jordyn was super kind and professional. Everything about the session was super smooth and natural. I can't begin to explain how meaningful these photos are to me. The smiles and laughter she captured of us in the great outdoors reflects exactly who we are--and that's just priceless to me. I highly recommend working with her (and Jonathan) if you get the chance. It was definitely one of the most professional/creative sessions I've had taken. She's an artist!

-Jaclyn & Ryan

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Jordyn has been such a joy to work with. She has photographed our furniture for the past few years and has been truly incredible! She has a great personality and delivers exquisite photography. She has taken on our furniture and commercial photography needs with a modern, creative spin. I highly recommend her for any photography needs!

-Rustic Trades Furniture & Refined Industrial 

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Of the hundreds of things that have to be planned for a wedding day, choosing the perfect photographer is a no brainer when it comes to booking Jordyn. When you hire Jordyn, you aren’t just hiring a vendor for your wedding day. You’re hiring a friend, someone who will serve as a down-to-earth, calming presence all day long. On our wedding day, Jordyn arrived at the venue early and was just as much a part of the getting ready process as the rest of our wedding party. She checked in periodically all day long to be sure we were excited and feeling good. She made us feel so comfortable in front of her camera, and the results are breathtaking. She captured every raw, authentic, precious moment from the best day of our lives, and we will cherish our wedding photos for a lifetime. THANK YOU, Jordyn, for everything. 

-Love, Natalie and Edvin Dizdarevic

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Let's tailor your experience

FOR THE PERFECT elopement or wedding

Every couple is different and lives and breathes their own love. Your energy is transformed when you step into your lover's presence, your demeanor shifts just a tad, to giddy excited, comforted, bold, fierce, and even a bit mushy-gushy.

The day opens with birds chirping, or rain hitting the windows on the cabin you are staying in. There's a lightness in the air, and you can feel the butterflies awaken in your soul when you open your eyes. Emotions you didn't even know start to echo their presence and write your day. They come in like small tidal waves and are ready to encounter every moment with beauty. 

This love I document is surreally yours, the love you feel when you lean into your better half is the love I want to capture as uniquely and creatively yours. 

If my images stir something deep within you, I'd love to invite you into a conversation about seeing if I'm the artist that's best suited to capture your day.

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Traditional Weddings

Starting at $4,150

Intimate Elopements

Starting at $2,350

Eloping doesn't mean running off behind your parent's back, and getting married at a court house, when you are afraid to tell everyone you got married over the weekend and fled to the Mediterranean. It's changed a lot. 

It's a well planned out ceremony thoughtfully created by two adventurous individuals that want to commit their lives to one another. You can even bring you best friends and immediate family members to have them included or keep it a "just us" experience of a lifetime. 

If you want to break the norm, this is a perfect option. There aren't any rules, traditions, or family pressure that you have to abide by. If you can dream it up and make it happen then there are no limits to how unique and special your elopement can be.

Are you the type of couple that wants to ski down a mountain after exchanging vows? Or perhaps you prefer the romantic lightplay that dawn offers as the morning sun kisses the mountain peaks, allowing your day to begin as a newly married couple. Or, just maybe, your dream day is covered in flowers and rustic vines as you sip champagne with your beloved, soaking in Venice’s spring atmosphere from a Gondola?

If any of these dreams spark your wildest imagination and kindle a yearning in your heart for the wild and free, then perhaps it’s a sign that an elopement is the best way to celebrate and honor your love.

Plan My Elopement

What's an

This is our



That’s just a glimpse of how excited we get while behind the camera. Yes, with that much enthusiasm! We want you to look your absolute best and we’ll most definitely vocalize it when we’re dying over your images! We could say that we wear our passion on our sleeves. There won’t be any awkward “what do I do with my hands?” or “do my legs look weird right now?” moments. We’ll put you in natural positions that feel comfortable - because if you feel comfortable then it’ll show through the camera!


WE Create Custom 

WE create authentic moments
WE don't pose! 

WE communicate while WE
 photograph, and aren't sticks
in the mud!  



We want you to appreciate how we create art, love our style of photography, and get to know us better to make sure we are the best fit for you on your special day. By meeting with you, it gives us the opportunity to get to know you more authentically, learn more about how you two fell in love, and how you envision your special day! We’ll also give you a chance to ask all of the burning questions you may have! We love to meet over coffee, face-time, or even over a glass of wine! This meeting helps us connect with each other and create a mutual understanding before a camera is ever introduced! By getting to know one another, it will make your photographs more fun, relaxed, and intimate!

The couples we serve will be able to have a fun, relaxed, and beyond amazing experience knowing that all they have to do is be in love! The images we take together will transport you back to the happiest day of your lives and allow you to fall in love over and over again. We are located in Atlanta, but photograph couples in their favorite places, whether that’s across the ocean or in their backyard. We specialize in creating an experience more than just delivering photos. Since we’re a husband and wife team, we understand the importance for our couples to have the absolute best experience planning their wedding, enjoying their wedding day, and sharing their images with their closest friends and family members.

We photograph weddings And focus on your experience not just the photographs

Let us help ease the pressure and take something off your plate. We know you’ve probably never made a custom timeline before and likely have no clue where to start. Our team will take into consideration your preferred times and knit together a timeline that flows perfectly while allowing you to get the best and most photographs out of your day. This will allow us to work with the best light and craft beautiful memories! This schedule will help give direction to your wedding day and allow for smooth transitions since everyone will know what to do and where to be! 

WE honor your loved ones
that have gone before us

We deeply care about the little details on your wedding day. Some of the most meaningful moments are the ones that are most important to you. I understand this in my own way - my mom passed away several years ago and wasn’t able to attend my wedding. I got a tattoo to honor her and her life story. I asked my photographer to capture a few photos of my tattoo throughout the day. Those were some of the absolute best photos because, looking back, I felt that she was with me. My husband had a similar moment by wearing a pin inside his suit jacket over his heart. It had belonged to his late grandfather and was presented to us on our wedding day by my mother-in-law. Moments like these honor the memory of loved ones, tell a beautiful story, and are worthy of being captured. I care deeply about these moments. Whether it’s taking time away for a moment with a close relative or photographing a treasured heirloom that’s been passed down - we create the space to appropriately honor and document these occasions.

If you’re looking to elope, then we’ll research and physically go see the place to make sure the location is top-notch and exactly what you want! We also give recommendations based on your preference - mountains, beaches, cliffs, or extreme adventure. If want an exclusive spot, then we’ll travel a few days early to location scout a spot that is solely the spot you and your beloved will exchange your vows. You can return to your special spot on your anniversary with a bottle of bubbly that holds so much significance just for you two.

We’ve found that giving prompts helps elicit natural reactions from couples rather than instructing you to morph your body into some contrived “pose.” This helps eliminate camera shyness and those awkward “what do I do with my hands?” moments. You’re good at being in love and you’re good at being you - so that’s all you have to do and we’ll let the magic flow! Since a photograph is only as valuable as the moment behind it, we help foster authentic moments and experiences so that you can relive the emotions of your engagement season and your wedding day! We know that capturing the big events as well as the in-between gushy hugs you get from your grandmother are equally as important! We always have our eyes open for the little moments you want to treasure as well.

Our sessions are crafted to be a spontaneous trip to the mountains with friends or a cute double date in the city! No awkward third wheeling here! We’ll be just as in love as we normally are in front of you so that you can feel free to be open, fun, silly, and intimate in front of us! We’ve found this helps eliminate any pressure of being in front of the camera. We also enjoy working together and communicate well on wedding days. When one of us is photographing the big picture the other one is focusing on details. We’re always reading the situation without even having to speak. It’s one of the many beautiful benefits of working with your significant other!

We're Jordyn and Jonathan! Adventurous elopement photographers that care about your experience rather than just the photographs. We are a fun witty couple that loves taco and thrives when we are on a new adventure out in nature. We're hopeless romantics that enjoy watching people embrace the most powerful feeling in the world - love! 

Our couples bond with us quickly! And that's what we're about - we want it to feel like you're hanging out with some friends on the top of the mountain and making some s'mores! We have been photographing for over 8 years which means we know our way around any wedding day, adventure session, and can provide you with the best of the best images you can be proud of to hang on your walls!

We photograph your wedding day like we'd want ours to be photographed! By a friend, with love, and with complete trust that we will give you back all the details, portraits, and all the in between authentic moments! 

Who are we?

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An adventure session

Starting at $400

What a short and tender time of your life. 

This isn't a time to rush through to get to your wedding day. It's a time in your life to be the most present. To soak up the now, and enjoy every slow morning on the couch and cuddles with your fiance.

It's a season of your life to take every opportunity to tell your significant other how much you adore them. It's a time when you should celebrate each other's accomplishments, and constantly share why you are proud of the one you get to call forever, yours. It's a time of reflection and deep thankfulness of every little moment that got you here, that lead you to them.

It's a time to hold nothing back, to have love on your lips, and to shower them with it.

Have a destination in mind? Let's meet there and spend the day together photographing your love, hiking into some of the worlds most beautiful places. I promise I'm a fun third wheel! We can break bread together, and make this time of your life an experience to remember! 

Your engagement

Starting at $1250

Adventure session

Engagement session

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We're all about fun adventurous couples that loves fun jokes, tattoos, doesn't mind walking bare feet in a field, or even eating too many tacos! None of which are requirements, but you must be madly in love! If you drive a motorcycle, snowboard down a mountain, or even go camping for your engagement session you get bonus points!

We love couples that are funny, and have a beautiful spirit! Couples that don't stick with the trends, but have a unique vibe! If you want to keep your nuptials a secret or want to be surrounded by their families through sacred traditions as you say your vows to one another we'd love to capture you're big day!

If this is you I feel like we’d be a great fit together to capture your wedding celebration! 

It's a

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