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I am a traveling elopement and wedding photographer that carefully crafts and documents raw and real experiences. I use the natural light to  paint my subjects in the mood the day portrays, and the landscapes behind my subject finish off ever portriat as if it was the last stroke on a paintbrush. I'd love to have the honors of photographing your day. 


I'm Jordyn
Nice to meet you!

Jordyn is seriously beyond talented and so great to work with! She’s blown me away with every shoot we’ve done or I’ve seen her do! She’s one of the greatest to work with, typically I hate having my picture taken but she makes it all super easy and fun.

-Jeremy C.



Jordyn is an outstanding photographer who authentically captures the essence of each moment with your loved one. Her passion to portray your story is the fundamental factor that distinguishes her as an artist and is the quintessential element that you want in the person behind the camera. She’s fun, genuine, and a dream to work with.

Do yourself a favor and book her!

-Jonathan D.

Jordyn is a true gem, salt of the earth kind of person. She does such an amazing job of making you feel comfortable during a photo shoot, only directing when necessary! I really enjoyed the time and the photos were amazing!

-Kyle S.